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The satisfaction of our customers is the measure of our quality and efficiency.

Information Technology has long ceased being an end in and of itself. On the contrary, it has become the cornerstone of a modern, properly-functioning company. The secure and trouble-free flow of your internal business processes provides the foundation for successful collaboration with your customers, and is therefore our ultimate objective.

With our Multi-Vendor Helpdesk, you have a powerful and highly-qualified partner that offers you proactive, dynamic, cross-vendor, all-round protection for your IT operations.

Regular training and ongoing certification ensure that our employees remain highly skilled technically.

80% of all calls are dealt with immediately by the Multi-Vendor Helpdesk.

In addition, the quality and efficiency of our operating processes are checked and certified in accordance with the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV), ISO 9001 and ITIL. Not only do you benefit from the process and results-oriented support we provide, you can also impress your customers by delivering maximum security, availability and performance.

 Act, Rather Than React – Our Portfolio

Our Multi-Vendor Helpdesk does not only provide you with 1st, 2nd and 3rd level 24/7 support. Our Technical Account Managers (TAM) are available around the clock as your central point of contact and are there to actively support you.

The objective of our support service is not merely to react to your problems and questions, but to prevent possible breakdowns and keep your IT processes running smoothly in the long term.

We have developed various support models that are closely tailored to your specific needs.

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