Genius SAM - SAM as a Service van COMPAREX

With Genius SAM, you can opt for the partial or full outsourcing of your SAM team. COMPAREX takes care of it all, and our professionals take over the role of your License Desk. They manage your licences and perform optimisation analyses on your software assets. Moreover, Genius SAM is a tailor-made service, which enables us to completely unburden you in every area, in which ever way suits you.

  Licence Desk

COMPAREX takes over the role of your Licence Desk. This means that users can ask all questions about the purchase, use and replacement of software. Where necessary, we order licences for your organisation and register them directly into your SAM solution.

  Customised Service

With Genius SAM, all elements can be customised for your organisation. Think of expanding the number of vendors, outsourcing tasks or even delivering company-specific reports.

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Just SAM

I AM Just SAM, and I offer solutions for your organisation.

Smart SAM

I AM Smart SAM, and I offer the brightest data driven advice.

Customisable Add-Ons to Make it Yours

SAM Plus

Add even more value with SAM Plus.

SAM Packs

The most valuable SAM as a Service knowledge provider and partner in town.

SAM2GO NextGen: I AM SAM is revolutionised software asset management as a managed service. Powered by Snow Software – reduce compliance risk, cut costs in managing and purchasing licences, and demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of procurement processes.

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