Just SAM - SAM as a Service van COMPAREX

Just SAM provides the foundation for Software Asset Management within your organisation. COMPAREX has years of expertise in the area of ​​SAM tools and services, and will offer the best to your organisation as a SaaS solution with the addition of a support helpdesk. This will gives you direct insight into installed software, the actual use and the required licences.

  SAM Tooling

We implement a SAM solution that fits your organisation. We not only analyse existing processes, but also make a match with procedures, policies, structure and knowledge.

  Extensive Reports

You get direct access to standardised reports from the vendor, and COMPAREX makes additional reports available to you.

  Service Desk Support

During office hours our service desk answers all your questions about your SAM solution.

  Microsoft True-Up Reporting

We deliver a Microsoft True-Up report every year from which you can base your reporting required by Microsoft.

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Smart SAM

I AM Smart SAM, and I offer the brightest data driven advice.

Genius SAM

I AM Genius SAM. Leave your software asset management to me.

Customisable Add-Ons to Make it Yours

SAM Plus

Add even more value with SAM Plus.

SAM Packs

The most valuable SAM as a Service knowledge provider and partner in town.

SAM2GO NextGen: I AM SAM is revolutionised software asset management as a managed service. Powered by Snow Software – reduce compliance risk, cut costs in managing and purchasing licences, and demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of procurement processes.

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