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With SAM Packs, COMPAREX offers even more added value for your organisation. SAM Packs are a standalone service, aimed at expanding SAM knowledge within your organisation. Think training, workshops, business case support and licence consultation. We provide training at both strategic and operational level, and support with takeovers and mergers.

SAM Pack Options:

Do you see the use of a good SAM program, but is your management not yet convinced? Have you been instructed to set up the SAM program, but you haven't received the necessary resource? Or, are you looking to build a strong business case to start a SAM program? With this SAM Strategy Workshop, COMPAREX can help you take your first steps.

Our experienced Process Consultants take participants into the world of SAM, and show them how their daily work contributes to a strong SAM program. They then shape the business case together with stakeholders within your organisation, so a well-rounded choice is made to begin your journey.

With a SAM Optimisation Model (SOM) Assessment, we identify your existing processes and make proposals for improvments and new processes. Step by step, all SAM-related processes are brought in line with the SAM program through a continuous improvement exercise.

Our experienced Process Consultants determine, through interviews with the relevant stakeholders, where your organisation is within the SAM maturity model. Based on the knowledge gathered, a roadmap is presented that takes your SAM to the next level. What are the quick wins? Which goal should you pursue? How do you get there?

A SOM assessment gives you insight into the relevant steps to successfully secure your SAM program in your organisation.

Our standard service provision already covers many basic elements, giving you control over the most important suppliers. However in our experience, the obtained insights often lead to all kinds of new questions and challenges. Because these can not always be planned for in advance, and may have one-off characteristics, you can make use of our team of Licence Consultants.

With their expansive knowledge, our Licence Consultants can answers all your questions, make ad-hoc reports or provide you with software asset management advice.

In addition, COMPAREX has a large network of specialists that can help in many other areas. This could be a market exploration for a new software solution, negotiation with vendors, or the actual commissioning of a chosen software solution.

If you only use Just SAM, or if you receive an audit from a vendor that is not within scope of your purchased services, you can also consider our Audit Support Service on an ad-hoc basis.

Our experience is that audits are often complex, time-consuming and tedious projects for organisations. Thanks to the complexity, required resources and overall audit experience, customers often opt for support from COMPAREX. Audit Support from COMPAREX consists of the following:

  • Pre-analysis of the risks
  • Guidance from your single point-of-contact in all communication with the auditor
  • Validate and prepare audit data for the auditor
  • Assessment of the audit report
  • Discussing interpretation differences with the auditor

Audit Support saves time and energy as COMPAREX takes care of, and assists you with, the entire process. As a result, you have access to the vast knowledge base within COMPAREX, so that the audit process runs as efficiently as possible.

Many organisations choose to carry out at least part of a SAM exercise themselves. However, for many SAM is a new field where they have little-to-no experience. COMPAREX's SAM & licence management training helps your employees to understand the issues they may encounter in daily practice.

A high-level overview of SAM can be offered, aimed at the interpretation of licensing rules, or more specifically the use of the offered SAM platform. Courses and wokrshops can be delivered on your site, or at COMPAREX. Preferably, data from your own organisation is used.

Are you taking over a company, or splitting a division from your organisation? Then you probably want to know which software is used within this organisation or business unit, and whether there are sufficient licences – or perhaps too many! Could you take these licences over into the new organisation? Can you sell the excess?

Different software vendors each have their own rules for the transfer, splitting or canceling of contracts, including licences themselves, and their maintenance. The knowledge and experience of COMPAREX helps you navigate these processes and therefore minimise potential financial risks.

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SAM2GO NextGen: I AM SAM is revolutionised software asset management as a managed service. Powered by Snow Software – reduce compliance risk, cut costs in managing and purchasing licences, and demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of procurement processes.

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