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Although SAM provides a wealth of data, many organisations need tailor-made advice; the translation of data into useful management information is often a challenge. COMPAREX therefore offers additional services beyond Just SAM, Smart SAM and Genius SAM.

COMPAREX also developed a Portfolio Management Service which can read data based on random sources, and then provide information about your software and dated licences.

SAM Plus includes the following services:

If, in addition to the vendor (s) included in the scope, you also need compliance reports from other specific vendors, you can add these with this option. COMPAREX also produces a report for these vendors in which we give advice to optimise the use of your licences and, where possible, to save costs.

The Portfolio Management Service enriches the data collected by the SAM platform via the COMPAREX Profiler database. This makes it possible to filter the inventoried applications for security risks, overlapping functionalities, rationalisation potential, patch levels, malware or software that collects personal information and thus pose a risk for compliance with the GDPR and AVG legislation and from many other perspectives.

COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform provides even more valuable data that is indispensable if you want to take SAM to the next level level within your organisation, and want to be able to more effectively manage your licence costs.

The data collected by the SAM platform is a source of information from which not only compliance risks emerge, but from which you gain many more insights that were previously invisible. Think risk analyses when you want to migrate to a new platform, or if you want to switch to another software package, or when you want to outsource (part of) your infrastructure, for example.

We collate the findings and advice into a report to discuss with you. Based on this report, risks are clear and you can determine follow-up steps within your organisation to eliminate or reduce these. This report provides insight into the pivotal SAM-related risks, and can be presented to the internal organisation for prioritisation planning.

In the application recognition database of the SAM tooling used by COMPAREX, tens of thousands of vendors and hundreds of thousands of applications are included. Despite this extensive database, it is possible that specific (and for your organisation, important) applications may not yet be recognised. Think customised self-built applications, or very specific industry software.

With this service, we make the addition of the necessary application recognition patterns to our SAM platform, so that your organisation's personal applications are also recognised and inventoried.

The offered SAM platform is a rich source of information which may be stored manually in other systems within your organisation. This, for example, may be CMDB or ITSM tooling, in which hardware and software information is recorded. Through the right integration and/or connectors with our SAM platform, this tooling is automatically fed with the desired information, so that the users of these systems see up-to-date information of these environments on a daily basis.

This saves employees time on their administrative tasks, reduces the risk of incorrect information, and therefore increases the quality of the data used to make decisions. This also allows for business decisions to be based upon actual facts: your Service Desk has access to the most up-to-date status of your workplaces, and IT Finance can charge the costs of software and set budgets accurately.

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