IAMSAM - SAM as a Service diensten van COMPAREX

The management of your licences is the basis of Software Asset Management (SAM). But a strong SAM practice combines processes with procedures, policies, organisation and knowledge. No matter how your organisation understands SAM, COMPAREX has a solution that fits your needs.

COMPAREX provides independent advice, services and solutions, with the goal to realise savings on your software licences whilst increasing your productivity. And this starts with support for SAM within the infrastructure of your organisation.

Based on years of experience, we have developed our service to meet the needs of our customers. You can use our SAM tools for a one-off project, or as an ongoing managed service. And of course, customisation is possible to reflect the unique requirements of every organisation.

Service Levels

Just SAM

I AM Just SAM, and I offer solutions for your organisation.

Smart SAM

I AM Smart SAM, and I offer the brightest data driven advice.

Genius SAM

I AM Genius SAM. Leave your Software Asset Management to me.

Customisable Add-Ons to Make it Yours

SAM Plus

Add even more value with SAM Plus.

SAM Packs

The most valuable SAM as a Service knowledge provider and partner in town.

    Let I AM SAM be your solution

There's no better way than to find out for yourself. COMPAREX can provide a live demo, or send more detailed information to you. Let us know what you need by contacting us, and we'll get back to you promptly.


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SAM2GO NextGen: I AM SAM is revolutionised software asset management as a managed service. Powered by Snow Software – reduce compliance risk, cut costs in managing and purchasing licences, and demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of procurement processes.

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