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Software is becoming more business-critical and increasingly complex; especially now that cloud and hybrid environments are on the rise. Software Asset Management (SAM) has therefore become a necessary process, but SAM is more than just managing software licences. An effective SAM program not only maps the costs and risks, but above all creates awareness within an organisation.

SAM as a Managed Service

Purchase, use and replacement of software – every organisation has to make decisions around this. Operating SAM as a Service with COMPAREX simplifies this process; not only by providing tools and reports, but especially by connecting people and processes. We operate within People, Process, Technology, Policy and Knowledge – the five key areas for SAM.



SAM is not a one-man show – support from your organisation is essential. COMPAREX ensures that the right people are involved in this process who are competent and feel responsible for the program.



SAM as a Service starts with an assessment of your existing processes. How do they function? What can be improved? COMPAREX sees SAM as a continuous process. Following a concrete proposal, all processes are aligned with the SAM program.



We offer the most suitable SAM program for your organisation following a review of your current infrastructure and IT needs. And the implementation? This will all be discussed with you as a part of your proposal.



COMPAREX takes a close look at your current IT policy, revising where necessary, so all of the steps are clearly defined.



Knowledge and expertise are key drivers for COMPAREX, and we enthusiastically use our knowledge to build your SAM program. Where necessary, we train employees on-the-job, so that they can operate independently within the SAM program in the future.

What does a SAM Managed Service provide?

  Lower Risk for Your Organsation

Consider the potential financial risks or reputational damage through audits. Or, think about the consequences around mergers and acquisitions due to lack of insight. Moreover, security risks can be identified through a clear display of the installed patches.

  Save up-to 10% on Software Licensing

Software licences form a significant part of IT budgets. With I AM SAM, you have complete insight into your infrastructure, where you can consider the number of software installations versus the actual use. This knowledge saves on long-term costs – existing resources are optimised, and you have fewer incidents on your helpdesk.

  Better Decision-Making

Precise data is immediately available with I AM SAM. This enables a faster roll-out of new functionalities, and integration after mergers and acquisitions also takes place in a straightforward manner. In addition, employees are more productive when recurring IT problems are prevented.

    Are YOU SAM?

Curious about the possibilities of next generation software asset management for your organisation?


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